VLBC Statement on Today’s Violent Insurrection and Attack on our Democracy

VLBC Statement on Today’s Violent Insurrection and Attack on our Democracy

Written on 01/07/2021
Adele McClure


January 6, 2021


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The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus Statement on 

Today’s Violent Insurrection and Attack on our Democracy

Richmond, VA—This November we witnessed historic numbers of people exercise their right to vote across this country, particularly among Black people and people of color. In Virginia, we passed groundbreaking legislation protecting the right to vote and making it easier for people to exercise this fundamental American right. In November, we elected Kamala Harris as the first Black person, first Asian person, and first woman to serve as Vice President of the United States. And last night, we saw a landmark election in the state of Georgia, as the state’s first Black Senator and first Jewish Senator were elected.

Yet in a harrowing contrast to these displays of democracy, today, January 6, 2021, our country witnessed a violent, anti-democratic mob, egged on and sanctioned by President Trump himself, storm the seats of our democratic government, attack first responders and government personnel, destroy public property, and disrupt the constitutional process for certifying our election results. This was an unprecedented violent attack on our democracy. It was a disgraceful affront to our cherished tradition of a peaceful transition of power through democratic elections—a peaceful transition which has occurred since our country’s founding.

In addition, the stark contrast between the response to these violent insurrectionists and the response to the protests for racial justice over the summer cannot be ignored. While those peacefully marching for racial justice and equity were met with an overwhelming show of force, tear gas, rubber bullets, and batons, today’s violent mob was met with a much more muted response, allowing for the mob to forcibly enter and overtake government buildings.

It is incumbent on all political leaders across our Commonwealth to condemn this violent mob and all those who participated and incited it. And this includes condemning President Trump and his enablers for inciting this anti-democratic, violent coup attempt. They must be held accountable. 

Together, we will overcome this dark moment in our history. These domestic terrorists and all who are complicit will not succeed in destroying our democracy. We will continue to fight to build up just and equitable systems and continue to fight to uphold and protect our constitutional democracy and the ideals for which it stands.




The VLBC is committed to improving the economic, educational, political, and social conditions of African Americans and underrepresented groups in Virginia. A vital part of VLBC’s mission is to raise the consciousness of other groups to the contributions made by African Americans to the Commonwealth and the Nation.


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