Ayala, Hala, Virginia House of Delegates District 51

Ayala, Hala, Virginia House of Delegates District 51


Part of Prince Willam County  
Pocahontas 804.698.1051 DelHAyala@house.virginia.gov
P.O. Box 7434 • Woodbridge, VA 22195
P 703.402.1051
LA: Betsy Cramsey

House Committees 

Science and Technology 


Personal Information

Birthday: April 23

Place of Birth: Alexandria, VA

Religion: Christian

Children: Chedrick Proshe IV and Amber Pointer-Ayala

Membership & Affiliation:
St. Georges Church
Prince William County NOW
Virginia NOW
Literacy Volunteers of America-Prince William
Virginia Council on Women

NOVA Community College (1992-93)
University of Phoenix (A.S., 2013)


Cyber Security Specialist

USCG, Certificate of Performance (2003)
USCG, Outstanding Performance Letter (2003)
USCG, Performance Award (2003)
USCG, Certification & Accreditation Deepwater Support Performance Award (2003)
USCG, Meritorious Deepwater Team Commendation-Rear Admiral Hewitt (2005)
USCG, Meritorious Team Commendation Award (2005)
USCG, Recognition Memorandum CG-6-Rear Admiral Hewitt (2006)
USCG, Recognition of Service (2013)
Delores Hampton 11th Congressional District Grassroots Award (2016)